Pastor Simeon Oladokun

Pastor Simeon Oladokun is a wonderful pastor. The Word of God flows through him, and he preaches it to all of us so that it may flow through us. His teachings really touch our hearts. He is a great Pastor and also a great musician too. God has chosen a great leader for Balm of Gilead Christian Ministries.

Pastor Bola Oladokun

Pastor Bola Oladokun, the wife of Pastor Simeon, is a great leader too. The spirit of the Holy spirit flows through her. The words that come out her mouth make you want to keep listening and listening. She is the leader of Women of Purpose. She can sing very good and knows every single christian gospel song. Thank you Lord for providing BGCMI with 2 great leaders.

Balm Of Gilead Church

This is Balm of Gilead Christian Ministries Int church. As you can see it is a beautiful church. For more info on our church go to .